What we consider in issuing endorsements: First and foremost, a candidate's public statements regarding climate change. Do you mention specific climate change action in your stump speech? Did you show up at a People's Climate March? Do you have a thoughtful statement on your website? We also look at viability, although we will back longshots when we find a compelling reason to do so.

We do not endorse mediocre Democrats, no matter how vehemently a Republican opponent may deny climate science. We only endorse when we are convinced that the candidate will commit to strong climate action in Congress.

We like primaries.

We are a federal SuperPAC, which means that we are an independent expenditure committee and can't endorse in state/local races. We do network with others on the lookout for climate hawks who can think globally and lead locally.

View our winning 2014 endorsement record.

Endorsement: Jamie Raskin, Maryland's 8th Congressional District

We’re delighted to endorse Jamie Raskin for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Jamie Raskin is a true climate hawk. “Climate change isn’t just an issue. It is the entire context in which we have to make all our public policy decisions.” Continue reading

Endorsement: Shaugnessy Naughton for PA-08

At Climate Hawks Vote, we stand for science. We’re delighted to endorse scientist Shaughnessy Naughton for Pennsylvania’s Eighth District, an open seat north of Philadelphia. She’s running as a Democrat, a small business owner, and a champion of climate science.   Continue reading

Endorsement: Rob Hogg for US Senate

We are proudly endorsing Rob Hogg for US Senate against Iowa's incumbent Republican Chuck Grassley.     Continue reading

Endorsement: Nanette Barragan in CA-44

June 10, 2015: We’re excited to announce our first endorsement of 2016 - Nanette Barragán, issuing a bold primary challenge to Big Oil in California’s 44th Congressional district.   Continue reading