Ruben Gallego AZ-07

Our goal is to elect climate hawk leaders - those who prioritize and speak on the climate crisis. Simply put, climate change is the greatest threat facing the next few generations of humanity, not just another Democratic issue, but too many politicians are afraid to talk about it.

Waffling on carbon pollution and voting for fossil fuels should be as unacceptable as voting against a woman's right to choose. We don't tolerate elected officials and candidates taking money from tobacco companies who profit from human suffering and death; we shouldn't tolerate them taking money from coal, oil, and gas companies whose business plan is to cook the planet. 

We seek to elect only those politicians who show leadership on climate change.  Join us.

We've made our first endorsements! Brian Schatz, our prototypical climate hawk, organized the #Up4Climate Senate talkathon. Stanley Chang, in Hawaii's 1st Congressional district, will likewise bring (re)new(able) energy to Congressional action on climate. #VoteClimate in Hawaii August 9. We're also endorsing Ruben Gallego, representing a rare chance to improve the House of Representatives, in Arizona's 7th Congressional district. #VoteClimate in Phoenix August 26.



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